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Minor Procedures

We refer to minor procedures as any procedure done in the office. Most of these are done to establish or confirm a diagnosis, but certain conditions can also be treated with minimal patient discomfort.

Diagnostic procedures would include skin biopsies (incisional and excisional), deeper soft tissue biopsies, and breast tissue biopsies (fine needle aspiration and core needle biopsies). These type of procedures are all done making use of local anaesthetic agents which will be injected into the skin of the area to be biopsied. Aseptic technique with sterilized instruments are then used to perform the procedure. If there is to be a skin biopsy, the wound will be closed with sutures which will have to be removed at a later date. No preparation is necessary on the part of the patient other than making sure the area to be worked on is clean and dry.

Certain ailments may require a more invasive nature of examination, especially those related to diseases of the anus and rectum. Proctoscopy is a procedure whereby a short speculum is passed into the anal canal. This is done to more clearly evaluate the anal canal mucosa and the haemorrhoidal cushions. Various conditions can then be diagnosed, for example haemmorrhoids (piles). Treatment can be instituted at the same time via proctoscopy for certain grades of piles by way of applying rubber bands. Biopsies can also be taken of suspiscious lesions in the anal canal and lower part of the rectum. For suspected lesions higher in the rectum please refer to the section on colonoscopy.

Wound management and care is also an important part of our practice. Local wound complications unfortunately do arise from time to time and need to be managed expediently. Wound care may entail removal of sutures, wound irrigation, wound dressings, or more extensive interventions such as debridements.

If you have any queries on any of these procedures, please feel free to contact us or schedule an appointment.


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